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Higo is the ancient name of a Japanese Province, currently known as Kumamoto Prefecture. It was said that once a Higo Mokkosui people said something, they could never be convinced to change their mind, no matter how trivial it was. In recent years, the term has turned into a positive meaning, signifying someone with a genuine heart that you can take at their world. 

Inspired by his Japanese ancestors and Peruvian upbringings, Luis Uechi, moved to California and came to La Habra to share his strong culinary vision: to fuse the unique taste of the traditional Japanese cuisine and the exotic flavors or the Peruvian cuisine reflected on original and delicious dishes.

At Higo Sushi, you will be able to find a wide variety of exquisite Japanese dishes for the more conservative taste, or if  you feel more adventurous, a fusion of flavors that will take you out of this world with the signature dishes.

Luis invites you to experience this unique approach in some of the signature dishes and wishes you all have a wonderful experience here, at your second Japanese Peruvian home: Higo Sushi.

Aritgatou Gozaimasu ありがとうございます

Muchas Gracias!

Thank You!